Ocean Class Registration

Please take advantage of our group race discounts. We hope you will sign up for the entire series!


Sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury. Competitors in these events are participating entirely at their own risk. See RRS 3, Decision to Race. The race organizers (organizing authority, race committee, protest committee, host club, sponsors, or any other organization or official) will not be responsible for damage to any boat or other property or the injury to any competitor, including death, sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after this event. By participating in these events, each competitor agrees to release the race organizers from any and all liability associated with such competitor’s participation, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Ocean Class Registration opens Monday April 12

You can register for a series of races, or individual races.

Please register for individual races on the Yachting Calendar. This is open to members and non-members. On completing registration you are taken to a Paypal payment option where you may use a credit card to pay the registration fee.

When registering for Ocean Class Series, please use the HYC Program Registration page, which also supports our Youth Swim and Sail Program Registration. From Participants choose Racing, and then PHRF Racing, which leads to the option to register for Beercan Wednesday night racing season and monthly series and the Wilbur Cup, which includes Wierwolf, Father's Day, Baxter, Cross Sound and the Hurricane Cup. Members can pay their registration fee on their club account, or choose to use a credit card. This includes Associate or Dining Members who wish to race. Non-members will be required to create an account with a user name and password, log in using those credentials and pay with a credit card, which then goes through the club's accounting system.

Cancellation of Registration (and a fee refund) in every case will require a call to the club's administration staff at the main number.