How to Join

Active Membership

Active members full rights to all areas of the Club, beach, launch, and waterfront and are voting members. 

A candidate for Active Membership must be sponsored by an Active member. The candidate’s personal and boating background will be reviewed as part of the application process. In addition, the candidate must obtain the endorsement of three additional Active club members.

Active Membership availability is on a quarterly basis.

Associate Member

Associate Members have access to the Captain's Table restaurant-level only, but may be included in other activities by invitation from an Active Member (e.g. Racing & Social Events). Associate Members are not voting members.

A candidate for Associate membership status may be recommended by another member or may petition the club for membership. Application forms are available at the clubhouse. Associate membership may be applied for at any time.

Membership Inquiries

Membership for all classes is approved by the Board of Trustees