PHRF Ocean Class

The Hyannis Yacht Club PHRF Ocean Class conducts an entire Summer Series of racing events to suit all skill levels. They are open to our members and non-members alike.

  • Beer Can Series: Weekly on Wednesday evenings (June, July and  August) at 1800.

  • Long Distance Summer Series on weekends in Nantucket Sound. Each event presents a different challenge for skipper, boat and crew. Trophies are awarded for each event. The Wilbur Cup Trophy in is awarded for the best finishes in the series, in each class. Please check the NOR for details.

  • Chowder Cup Series 

Here's our full race schedule for 2021 (Posted May 12, 2021) 

2021 PHRF Schedule of Races V1.53

For Registration information click here

Beer Can Series

June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
July 7, 14, 21, 28
August 4, 11, 18, 24*
(* Tuesday, Aug 24 to allow HYC members to attend Annual Meeting Aug 25)

2021 Beer Can NOR v1.4 May 30

2021 Beer Can SI V1.1 June 1

2021 Attachment A Marks and Courses
(print the last page separately in landscape)

Beer Can NOR V1.4 Change Notice #1

Beer Can SI V1.1 Change Notice #1

Long-Distance Races on Weekends

May 29*                Figawi Race Weekend
June 19*               Father’s Day 
August 15*            Baxter Memorial
August 21*-22      Cross Sound Challenge and Tiny Cup Return Race
August 23             Weirwolf Race (at dusk)
Sept  18*- 19        Hurricane Cup & Eye of the Storm

2021 Long Distance races NOR v1.4 May 30

2021 Long Distance races SI V1.0 May 30

HYC Wilbur Cup Series

3 best finishes of 5 Long-Distance Races above marked by *. Click below for details

Father's Day Long Distance race June 19th

This is the 2nd Long-Distance PHRF Race in their Wilbur Cup Summer Series.

The 2021 Father's Day Race begins and ends at Hyannis Yacht Club on Saturday June 19th.  Typically, the race begins at 0900AM and finishes by mid-afternoon. The 12 to 20 mile course (weather dependent) generally transits around various government marks in Nantucket Sound and offers a challenging day of racing on all points of sail.

Racers are welcome to purchase refreshments and ice at the HYC lower level. Visiting racers are always welcome at the Hyannis Yacht Club on the night before the race. Contact the Club Steward at 508-778-6100.

We hope that you will join us for this fun day of racing. Maybe your family will join to celebrate Father’s day?

PHRF Youth Regatta  July 5 (click for documents)

The PHRF Youth Regatta is designed to provide a transition for young sailors to stay with the sport throughout life. The regatta will expose our young sailors to bigger keel boats, provide them with connections to boat owners, and show them the camaraderie that grows sailing as a team.  Our goal is to provide our sailors safe, competitive and fair race events. For this regatta safety is the main priority.  We considered the safety of our youth sailors, as well as our volunteered boats and sails. Restrictions are put in place on sail configurations to keep the loads in the boats low, as well as easier to handle for a growing person.  Our racecourse will be a triangle (beat, reach , reach) so there should be no accidental gybes. We intend to have 2 races of 3-8 miles each on the day of the event.  This will allow the kids to develop their skills each race and build confidence as the day goes on.   The event should be about 4 hours long, but that all depends on the sailing conditions. Our new crew members will rotate through different positions on the boat.

Outline of PHRF Youth Regatta   Youth Regatta NOR V2.2  Youth Regatta SI V2.0  Youth Regatta Skippers Instructions V2.0

HYC 78th Regatta       July 31 - Aug 1 Click here for the HYC Regatta page, and registration.
PHRF Racing will share a start line with our J/22 fleet starting a series of races at 1100AM each day. The race committee will decide on courses depending on weather, but we usually try to include some shorter ‘round the buoys’ racing with some longer distance racing around government marks.
There are often opportunities to crew among our PHRF boats of all sizes and levels of expertise. Want to experiment with racing on your boat but have no experience? If you need crew, reach out to our fleet captains who will try to match you with someone to get you to the start line.
Baxter Memorial Race August 15th

The long-standing Baxter Memorial Race has been a well-attended PHRF day race that begins and ends at Hyannis Yacht Club on Sunday August 15th 2021. Typically, the race begins at 0900 and finishes by mid-afternoon. The 12 to 30 mile course (weather dependent) generally transits around various government marks in Nantucket Sound and offers a challenging day of racing on all points of sail.

This is the 3rd qualifying race for the 2021 HYC Wilbur Cup Summer Series. Racers are welcome to purchase refreshments at the HYC lower lounge both before and after the race. Visiting racers are always welcome at the Hyannis Yacht Club on the night before the race. Contact the Club Steward at 508-778-6700 for dinner and mooring reservations. We have a launch service and visiting racers can make use of our lower level on the evening before the race to purchase refreshments and ice.

Cross Sound Challenge August 21-22

A new race initiated in 2018, the Cross Sound Challenge, features a destination finish in Falmouth on Saturday, August 21 and a return race to Hyannis, called the Tiny Cup Race on Sunday August 22.  This will be the 4th qualifying race in the 2021 HYC Wilbur Cup Summer Series. 

The Cross Sound Challenge start will be at 0900 off the Hyannis Breakwater and we will race to Falmouth Harbor. The return race, now known as the Tiny Cup Challenge, will be from Falmouth to Hyannis the next morning at 0900. The return race will require the use of each boat's racing handicap (Spinnaker) to encourage cruising boats to use their spinnakers. Trophies will be awarded for both races.

Falmouth Yacht Club or other local marinas will have dockage and rafting capabilities. Dockage does require reservations through Dockwa.  Skipper's who want dockage should reserve a space as soon as possible.

We will have a social gathering in Falmouth on Saturday night, much celebrated in the past- venue to be determined depending on our numbers.

Please sign up early, so we can reserve the space and set up the meeting place to have dinner.

Hurricane Cup September 18-19

Many Nantucket Sound PHRF racers look forward to the HYC Hurricane Cup and Eye of the Storm, as much as any other race during the season. 

The Hurricane Cup race will also be the 5th and final season qualifier for the HYC Wilbur Cup Summer Series. The return race called the Eye of the Storm will finish mid-Sound to allow sailors to head either east or west to home ports.

This year’s race will take place on September 18 at 0930 & September 19 at 1000 and at the ‘after-party’ in Nantucket the “Blasted Hope Award” will be conveyed to the deserving skipper or miscreant.

Often, we experience some of the best weather of the season (occasionally a bit breezy), and for some, this is the last race of the year. All PHRF Skippers and boats are welcome and there is always plenty of room at (discounted rates) at the Nantucket Boat Basin. We hope that you will join us this year!

Chowder Cup Series   September 4 & 25

2021 Chowder Cup Series NOR v1.2 May 22

We need skippers and boats, experienced and inexperienced crew onboard our boats including members and non-members.
Join our Race Committee Team to assist with flags, signs, and mark boat operation. Training will be provided for newcomers.


Please contact the Ocean Class Committee for more information about racing and joining our PHRF Team!
Dr. Marc Fater – (508)360-8063
Andrew Seguin – (508)259-8327