Youth Swimming

Our Learn to Swim Program will run 8 weeks, from late June through August. Swimming participation is required for all sailing program participants until completion of the Red Cross Community Water Safety/Basic Water Rescue level.

All beginner classes have a small instructor to child ratio which allows us to individualize classes to meet the students' needs. The Program Director will place new swimmers in the appropriate class based on the child's age and ability.

Hyannis Yacht Club’s Swim Team competes against local teams.  A spirit of friendly competition exists among the swimming programs in the area.

We teach an enhanced version of the Red Cross Learn To Swim Classes.

Swimming Programs

Beginner 1 - Pre-School Aquatics

This class is designed for 4 year olds and other new swimmers in the program. Participants work on basic elementary swimming skills in a fun, game oriented class. Students usually wear a bubble until the instructor is confident that they are ready to swim without such aids.

Beginner II – Level I

This class is designed for 5 year olds.  The classes are fun oriented and develop basic safety and elementary swimming skills. Students sometimes wear a bubble until the instructor is confident that they are ready to swim without such aids.

Beginner III - Level II

Increasing confidence is the goal! Students continue to float and swim between the dock and the raft on their stomachs and backs without a bubble. Students work on swimming with their face in the water and their arms out of the water.

Advanced Beginner - Level III

This class is for the swimmer who can swim with confidence in deep water on their front and back. Students learn the front crawl with breathing, elementary backstroke, and begin to learn the butterfly. Students also learn to tread water and dive.

Intermediate - Level IV

The objective at this level is for participants to develop confidence in the strokes learned thus far and to improve in their other aquatic skills. Students are introduced to the breaststroke, the sidestroke, and the elementary backstroke. Students must swim a total of four miles over the course of the eight week program.

Swimmers - Level V

In addition to refining the strokes they already know, students strive to increase their endurance, study advanced safety skills, and improve the butterfly stroke. Swimmers are required to swim a minimum of six miles at this level.

Advanced Swimmer - Level VI

This is the last "official" Red Cross course. Here students learn to swim with more ease, efficiency and power over greater distances. More advanced lifeguarding and competitive swimming skills will also be taught. Students must log at least eight miles to pass this class.

Community Water Safety/Basic Water Rescue

This course helps students to become safer in, on, and around the water. They learn to prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatic emergencies. Students are required to swim a minimum of ten miles at this level.

Super Swimmers

This class can be taken before or after Instructor Training, depending on the swimmer's age and ability.  It is for the child who wants to continue to swim for exercise and enjoyment.  This class will focus on fitness, waterpolo, synchronized swimming, and stroke technique.  Students are required to swim twelve miles at this level.

Instructor Training

This course is a prerequisite for all children interested in becoming a junior swimming instructor. This class will meet twice a week and will introduce the basics of child development, group dynamics, preparing lessons, and stroke development. Students are required to volunteer a minimum of fourteen hours.

Competitive Swim Team

The swim team is open to all swimmers in the program. The swimmers work on speed, endurance, and the fundamentals of competitive swimming. Swim meets with other yacht clubs are scheduled throughout the summer. This program is a good introduction to competitive swimming. Swim team members must make the commitment to attend a minimum of 2 practices a week and 2 swim meets during the summer. Team building and fun activities are also part of the program.